Meet MSURJ: Sapan


I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, and am a third-year student pursuing an Honours Anatomy and Cell Biology degree with a minor in Neuroscience. I have worked as an undergraduate researcher in McGill’s Department of Anatomy, and am excited to be this year’s Managing Editor, Finance for McGill’s Science Undergraduate Research Journal.


Although I am currently a researcher in the Department of Anatomy, I have worked in other labs concentrating in neurophysiology, organic chemistry, and genetic engineering. I am also an avid lacrosse and volleyball player, love to watch netflix, hang out with friends, and go restaurant hopping. I enjoy traveling and listening to music, particularly hip-hop and rap. I have also participated in Model UN as a delegate and staffer at both the high school and collegiate levels, having previously served as a Coordinator for McMUN 2015, and am looking forward to serving on the McMUN 2016 Secretariat as Chief Financial Officer.

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