Meet MSURJ: Tatiana


Hello readers! My name is Tatiana Alejandra Sanchez, and I am in the fourth year of my undergraduate studies at McGill University. I am majoring in Honours Psychology (B.Sc) with a minor in Interdisciplinary Life Sciences. I plan on pursuing clinical psychology next year, and my research interests reflect this. I am currently working in Dr. David Dunkley’s clinical psychology lab at the Jewish General Hospital. My study involves looking at the correlation between depression and perfectionism in depressed patients.

I was initially drawn to MSURJ because it embodied what I wished to be a part of in university – a community with a commitment to research, and an assiduous focus on writing. Being an editor of this journal has been a worthy learning experience because it gave me a first-hand look at how articles are proofed, how peer-editing works, and how engaged our undergraduate authors are in the expansive McGill research domain. I also got to work with the most dedicated and brilliant people I have ever met. Although biased, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of our latest issue!

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