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MSURJ Volume 11, issue 1 (March 2016)

Welcome to the Abstract. Also known affectionately as the MSURJ Blog, this is the place where the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal team posts interest pieces and essays that simply will not fit into our annually-published journals, containing a careful selection of peer-reviewed research done by students. (To learn more, and possibly contribute, head on over to our website.)

Whether you came across one of our issues by chance, heard about us at a school event, or saw our advertisements on a lecture slide, we’re glad you made it here. On the Abstract, you will be able to find resources, meet our team, read up on the latest innovations in the field, and gain behind-the-scenes insight as to what being a science student at McGill is like.

The Abstract also serves as a platform for us to reach out, communicate, and share that smidge of trivia we learned over coffee last week. There is a place for everyone here, and we’re always open to questions, comments, and contributions from individuals as excited about making crazy science as we are.

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