Happy studying, and see you next year!

Happy Holidays from MSURJHello, readers!

This is our final post of the semester. We hope that finals are going well! To help you with that home stretch, we’ve put together a playlist with some of the music that we like to study — or, take breaks to jump around our apartment — to. (Those of you who have already finished are on your own. We are jealous.)

Caveat: we’ve got terrible taste in music. (Ok, I, Shannon, [and I, Kate] have terrible taste in music. There are some fine songs on here, of course, suggested by other folks.)


— Blog co-editors Shannon,Kate, Ariana, and the MSURJ Team

(Track list after the jump.)

1. Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head) — Ben Folds

2. Double Vision 3OH!3

3. Telephone — Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé

4. Holy Ground — Taylor Swift

5. Mo Free Mo Fallin’ — White Panda

6. This is War — Ingrid Michaelson

7. Lost and Found — Katie Herzig

8. No Light, No Light — Florence and the Machine

9. Rise Up — Medeski, Martin, and Wood

10. Pirates of the Caribbean Theme — Klaus Badelt & Hans Zimmer

11. Eye of the Tiger — Survivor

12. Big Bang Theory Theme — Barenaked Ladies

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