Study Zones on Campus

Welcome back to school! Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to be more studious? If so, you’re probably looking for a spot on campus where you can study without disruption – whether that means an open area to review notes in a group or a computer lab to finish  your WeBWorK assignment. Below are a list of some of the most popular on-campus study spots!

Burnside Basement

Best known as a location for first-year math tutorials, Burnside basement features a café, tables, regular samosa sales, and a set of computer labs. For students in the Faculty of Science (ie. B.Sc and B.A& Sc. students), printing is free, here!

Downside: As the area is a designated study zone, you shouldn’t eat or talk in the computer labs.

2013-11-19 19.02.44
Aside from math, the Burnside Basement can be a great computer-access point and study space.

McConnell Hallway

Need somewhere to quickly sit down between classes? Try the hallway in the McConnell Engineering Building. Seats are available on both sides of the hall. While it gets noisy during rush hour between classes, there are no restrictions on noise or food, so you are free to snack, talk and study away here. Electric plugs are available on the walls.

Downside: Seats are often filled up with engineers and other students hanging out between classes, so get here early if you plan to stay for a while.

2013-11-19 19.09.39
The McConnell hallway is an efficient place to drop by in between classes.

McIntyre Medical Building

If you happen to be on upper campus, stop by the 2nd floor of McMed. The group study rooms are welcoming and spacious. There is a café on the 5th floor with computers for all your coffee and electronic needs. Despite the renovations, study space is still available in the Life Sciences library on the 4th floor, and course reserves are also available in the Osler Library on the 3rd floor. If you’ve left your textbook at home or can’t find another space, the trek up the hill might be worth it.

Downside: McMed is located too far from other buildings to be a good study spot between lectures – unless you’re there already.

2013-11-22 13.34.10
McIntyre: Almost worth the trek.

McConnell Games Room

In the basement of the McConnell building, there is a games room and lab for engineering students that is open during the day. The area is relatively empty and perfect for an impromptu group study session.

Downside: Access is restricted, and you may spend more time trying to find the room than studying.

2013-11-25 19.18.21
The hidden games room can be a good place to unwind.

Redpath/McLennan Library

If you’ve ever tried to study on campus with friends, no doubt you’ve visited Redpath or McLennan at some point. This library has resources and spaces for both group study and individual review with its computer labs and rooms. Course reserves are available on the first floor of McLennan. Notably, the Cyberthèque pods have projectors and whiteboards. A Tim Hortons is located in the basement of Redpath to service your caffeine addiction, and the cafeteria’s recent expansion features ample seating space.

Downside: Group rooms tend to fill up quickly, so book ahead of time.

2013-11-25 19.35.55
Aside from looking cool, the library’s glass pods made for a great larger-group study area.
2013-11-25 19.36.09
If you’re willing to stay relatively quiet, there’s a lot of study space to be had at the library.

Schulich Library, Floor 1 1/2

This gem of a place isn’t known to many students, particularly those who take the elevator at the library. Take the stairs next time, and you’ll see a study area located on a landing between the first floor and second floor at Schulich. Granted, there are no plugs, computers ,or food readily available. But if you bring a laptop with full battery and a snack, you can enjoy this  quiet, cozy area. The two long benches are more than enough space for a group study session or light lecture review between classes. You can be as loud or as quiet as you want, as there is no one around to raise objections.

Downside: Drafty in the winter; no electric plugs available if your computer crashes; almost always occupied.

2013-11-26 16.27.44
An unexpected gem hidden between floors 1 and 2 of Schulich.

Coffee Houses

There is a coffee house open in practically every corner of campus. On Milton and Parc, we have Second Cup and Presse Café – both of which are open 24 hours. WiFi is available, as is your next dose of caffeine.

Downside: Far from campus; occasionally loud.

2013-11-26 17.08.58
Off-campus will always offer extra seating, wifi, and coffee; if you are willing to put up with the noise.

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