Welcome Back!

But who uses pencils anymore, seriously. (Wikimedia user Si Griffiths / Wikimedia Commons)
But who uses pencils anymore, seriously. (Wikimedia user Si Griffiths / Wikimedia Commons)

We hope you’ve had a great summer and are ready for a wonderful year!

This year will undoubtedly bring a lot of changes to McGill.  In addition to all of the new first-year students, there are also some new faces in the administration.  Most notably, McGill is welcoming  our new principal, former NSERC president Suzanne Fortier, as well as Ollivier Dyens, the new Deputy Provost of Student Life and Learning.  We’re excited to see what kind of energy they’ll bring to the James Administration building in the coming year.  Additionally, there are some new faces on the Abstract team.  Andrew Martin will be our Physical Sciences category editor, Ariana Aimani will be bring you all things Life Science-related, and Deborah Baremberg will be keeping all of our work colourful and interesting with photos and media.

We hope that we’ll be able to fill our categories with posts that are not only intriguing and informative, but are also useful resources for students.  We intend to be able to keep you all up-to-date on what’s happening in the general scientific community and within the McGill science bubble. Keep an eye on our Twitter (@m_surj) and our Facebook (MSURJ) for updates and new posts.

If you want to write for us, check out our guidelines here.  We welcome posts from anyone on any subject, as long as it’s science-related.

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